Common Nails, Roofing Nails, Concrete Nails

Best price for iron and steel wire nails! Roofing nails, concrete nails and common nails.

Wire Nails Manufacturer

YALONG NAILS is a professional manufacturer of steel wire nails in Shandong province of China.

The company’s main products include common wire nails (ordinary nails), galvanized roofing nails with umbrella head, concrete nails, felt nails and drywall screws. Our company has the know-how of producing steel nails for hardware importers and wholesalers across the globe.

With our factory located in Shandong, we have the advantage of low-cost steel wire for nail manufacturing. More than that, our team of engineers is very experienced in producing different types of nails with good quality.

The steel wire nails can be manufactured in different sizes with various types of surface coatings. Quality ensured and packed in a professional manner.

If you are looking to buy wire nails from China, please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

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Custom Packaging

Research & Development

Since our first concrete nail was manufactured in 2008, we have continuously improved the quality of our steel and iron nails. We have invested many resources in cost management and quality control of the products. Now we offer concrete nails, common nails and roofing nails.

Our company enjoys low-cost galvanization and blackening processing for nail production. These also help with the fast delivery of galvanized nails and black concrete nails.

We not only focus on cost but also pursue high standards and consistent production processes and services. At the same time, we listen to our customer’s needs to make our products better and better.

umbrella roofing nails


What is your main product?

Various types of wire nails including umbrella head roofing nails, concrete nails, ordinary nails aka. common nails. We also have boat nails, u types nails and drywall screws.

How long is the delivery?

Usually, 25 days after you place the order with us. For strategic customers, we are able to make shipments regularly on a scheduled date.

Can you mix other items with our nail order?

Yes, we can put other hardware or machine in the container to consolidate your shipment.