umbrella roofing nails

Umbrella Head Roofing Nails

Galvanized roofing nails with umbrella heads.

umbrella head galvanized roofing nails

Umbrella Nails

Designed for roofing materials installation. Cheap price and good property. Galvanized roofing nails with umbrella head is made from steel Q195 or Q235.

Surfaces are galvanized in a special processing line. The galvanization prevents the nails from rusting and makes them more durable in the exterior.

It has a unique structure of an umbrella head with a smooth shank or twisted shank. A plastic washer may be installed for better sealing of the nails.

The umbrella head nails are specially used for fixing steel roofing sheets onto timber framing. The umbrella head can prevent the roofing sheets from tearing off around the head of the nail. Umbrella nails are resistant to extreme weather and corrosion.

We are a professional supplier of umbrella nails in China. And we make roofing nails with all types of specifications and packaging options.


Gauge (Thickness)BWG9-BWG13 (2.4mm-3.7mm).
Length1 1/2″, 1 3/4″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″, 3 1/2″
MaterialQ195 Wire Steel
Surface TreatmentGalvanized
Head TypeUmbrella
Shank TypeSmooth Shank, Twisted Shank, Spiral Shank, Ring Shannk

Shank Types

smooth shank
Smooth Shank
spiral shank
Spiral Shank
twist shank
Twist Shank
ring shank
Ring Shank

Size Chart

SizesLength (mm)Rod Diameter (mm)Head Diameter (mm)
BWG8 * 2″50.84.1920
BWG8 * 2.5″63.54.1920
BWG9 * 1.5″383.7320
BWG9 * 2.5″63.53.7320
BWG9 * 3″76.23.7320
BWG10 * 1.75″44.53.3720
BWG10 * 2″50.83.3720
BWG10 * 2.5″63.53.3720
BWG11 * 1.5″383.0218
BWG11 * 1.75″44.53.0218
BWG11 * 2″50.83.0218
BWG11 * 2.5″63.53.0218
BWG12 * 1.5″382.7418
BWG12 * 1.75″44.52.7418
BWG13 * 1.5″382.3815
BWG13 * 2″50.82.3815
BWG14 * 1.75″402.114

Production Process

Roofing nails are long shank nails with umbrella shape caps. The cap is an important factor in the cost management of roofing nails.


umbrella head roofing nail

Umbrella Nail Market

The Umbrella nail is the most commonly used nail in tropical areas like Africa, South East Asia, and Latin America. Since these countries have a lot of buildings with steel roofing sheets. With the help of the umbrella head, the umbrella nail is the perfect nail to fix the steel sheets onto the body of the house.

Our company is a large-scale manufacturer of roofing nails in China. Our production capacity for this type of nail is 3000 tons per month.


What material is umbrella head roofing nail made of?

Q195 steel wire.

Are roofing nail galvanized or polished?


Can I use roofing nails on concrete and bricks?

No. Only on timber and thin metal sheets.