The Cost of Roofing Nails

Factors for galvanized roofing nail prices are Q195 steel price, galvanization cost, and paper price for carton box packaging.

Galvanized roofing nail with umbrella head is one of the most used nails in construction and building. Its price is very important for hardware wholesalers and importers.

There are many things that may affect the production cost of galvanized roofing nails.

Steel Price

Umbrella head roofing nails use Q195 steel as the main material. The Q195 steel prices affect the roofing nails prices significantly. A good supplier of Q195 steel wire will help to reduce the cost of producing umbrella nails.

Q195 Steel Wire For Roofing Nail Production
Q195 Low Carbon Steel Wire For Roofing Nail Production

Steel prices are changed often changing on the market. Our steel suppliers constantly update our company about Q195 steel price so that we can choose to buy the material at low times. All the cost saved will be given to customers.

Steel prices are decided by many things such as iron core price, coal price, market and even environmental protection policy in China.

Our experience in purchasing steel from local steel manufacturers enables us to offer our customers the best price for umbrella head roofing nails.

Galvanization Cost

We used to run our own galvanization line. However, for pollution control reasons, the Chinese government has closed small galvanization lines at nail factories. Roofing nail factories will send the raw roofing nails to a centralized galvanization factory to get the galvanization process done.

Roofing Nail Electro Galvanization Line
Roofing Nail Electro Galvanization Line

The galvanization process is outsourced but its price is almost the same. A centralized galvanization line has low operation cost than a single line.

Paper Price

A lot of carton boxes are used for packaging the roofing nails. The craft cartons are considered as the main packaging cost for our orders.

Galvanized roofing nails sometimes are packed in jute bags or wooden boxes but these are rare cases.

Our company has long time supplier for our packaging cartons. These cartons can be custom printed at low price.