What are Concrete Nails Used For?

Concrete nails can be used on concrete, bricks, wood and mild steel.

Concrete nail is widely used in construction activities.

There are many occasions that we can find concrete nails. Such as concrete formwork and woodworking.

Concrete & Solid Bricks

concrete nail use on concrete wall

In this case, concrete nails are also called masonry nails.

Concrete nail is the only type of iron nail that is recommended in concrete or masonry jobs. Other types of nails are not hard enough to penetrate the cured concrete.

It is impossible to finish a concrete formwork without using concrete nails.

If the nail stays permanent in the structure, it is best to use galvanized concrete nails. Black concrete nails can be used for temporary jobs such as fixing the formwork plywood. There is no problem even if the nails get rusted.

We often need to fix something on the wall when we decor our houses. Items like photo frames, vanities, LED TV, kitchen cabinets, etc. Strong nails like concrete nails will do the job flawlessly.


concrete nail for wood

This includes fixing wood to wood and wood to concrete.

Fixing Wood to Wood

Concrete nails work pretty well for fixing wood to wood, especially hardwood. Some hardwood is just as hard as concrete and bricks. Common nails won’t be able to penetrate the hardwood or do the fixing.

Marine formwork plywood are also jointed by the concrete nails.

Fixing Wood to Concrete

In the ceiling jobs, workers always need to fix the timber frames to the concrete ceiling. This requires long concrete nails.

Mild Steel Fixing

Concrete nail can fix mild steel onto wood or concrete. The mild steel is a steel with low carbon content.

Common mild steel can be found in:

  • Structural steel
  • Signs
  • Automobiles
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Fencing

Conclusion: Concrete nail is a wire nail used for construction business and home decor.