Manufacturer of steel wire nails.

Our company is a professional producer, manufacturer, and exporter of steel wire nails in China.

We mainly manufacture and export three types of wire nails. They are common nailsumbrella head roofing nails and concrete nails. Besides these, we also produce clout head nails (felt nails), boat nails, U-type nails, drywall screws.

Since our factory is located in Shandong province, North China, there are abundant resources of steel wire and metal available for galvanized wire nail manufacturing.

Our location gives us the advantage to produce cheap price wire nails over many suppliers.

Our Factory

Besides the commonly seen wire nail manufacturing machines, we have our own production line for nail blackening. This machine is very important for us to control the quality and reduce production costs for black concrete nails.

Our production team is very experienced in wire nail making, packaging, and quality control. This is very important for supplying good quality nails.

The hardware business is very competitive. We know that customers need high-quality products at a good price. That’s why we always work hard to upgrade our production lines and process to make our wire nails competitive.

Our Values

Quality is most important for the business. It is important to keep the product quality up to standard. We have done every effort to make sure that we use good steel wire and the production process does not go wrong.

Business is about people. We value our relations with customers. We produce products that give customers value and their customers value. Our company grows together with our customers.

Our wire nails are branded as some of the most famous brands in customers’ countries. Customers are expanding their business with our excellent products.

Quality Control

concrete nail quality inspection

Our company has a professional production quality control team to monitor product quality during the production process of nails and drywall screws.

After-production inspectors are also there to inspect the final products before they are dispatched to customers.

Our inspectors make sure that the nails are well-made and well-packed for our valued customers. The final products will be loaded into containers in good shape and protection.

Being our customer, you don’t need to worry about anything after you place orders with us. Our company is responsible for all the shipments from us and you will be assured of good business.