concrete nail production

Concrete Nails

Carbon steel concrete nails for use on masonry, bricks and concrete.

Concrete Nails

Concrete nails are made with hard carbon steel wire and they provide excellent anti-bending, anti-crack performance. Galvanized type concrete nails resist rust very well and may be used in permanent structures.

Concrete nails are steel wire nail that works on concrete, bricks, hardwood, masonry and other hard materials which other common nails can not penetrate. Also called masonry nails or cement nails.

It has various nail head types and shank types. Good for use on hard or aged concrete. Ideal for the installation of carpet tack strips over concrete subfloors. Concrete nails are widely used to connect timber wood and structures. The rough rings before the cap significantly improve the reliability of the connection.

Concrete Nail Types


MaterialCarbon Steel 45#
Head TypesFlat Head, Countersunk Head
Shank TypesPlain Shank, Fluted Shank, Twisted Shank
Point TypesDiamond Point, Needle Point
FinishesElectro Galvanized (Zinc Plated), Black, Blue Coated
Shank Diameter1.2mm – 6mm
Head Diameter2mm – 12mm
Length(size)1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″, 5″
Packaging0.5-1kg/box, 20boxes/carton. Or bulk packaging.

Production Process

  1. Wire drawing: to produce nails with wire to create a designated diameter
  2. Cold upsetting: Adding nail caps and diamond point making
  3. Polishing: This process is for polishing treatment of the nails all over.


  1. Black: Raw concrete nails are blackening treated to gain a protective coating. This coating, however, is not as great as the galvanization but it is very cost-effective. Thus, the black concrete nails can be used for temporary uses such as fixing the timbers in the formwork.
  2. Galvanized: Corrosion-resistant, suitable for both interior and exterior uses. It is a high-value-added building material that is suitable for long time uses.


With special materials, concrete nails are specialty nails compared with common iron nails. It is harder than common nails. The shank is shorter and thicker. Thus the nail has great piecing and fixing strength.

With these features, concrete nails make ideal nails and fasteners in construction.

Commonly used in formwork, hardwood and metal framing, construction, decoration, civil engineering and so on.

Product Showcase


Are concrete nails hardened?

Concrete Nails are made of hardened high-carbon steel. It is not easy to bend and has strong penetrating power. Because this nail is designed and manufactured to secure wood onto concrete, concrete block, etc.