Drywall Screws

Coarse thread and fine thread drywall screws for installing drywall sheets.

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Drywall Screw

Drywall screws are used to secure drywall sheets to the metal ceiling joists or wood wall studs.

There are two types of drywall screws: coarse thread and fine thread. Coarse thread are good for wood and fine thread are good for metal.

Our company is not only producing nails but also involved in the manufacture of drywall screws. As a long-time manufacturer of fasteners, we are able to supply drywall screws of very stable quality.


Thread TypeCoarse, Fine
Surface FinishBlack Phosphate, Grey Phosphate, Zinc Galvanized, Yellow Zinc Galvanized
ApplicationsUsed to install drywall sheets on metal ceiling or wood studs.

Thread Types

fine screwdrivers vs coarse screwdrivers

Coarse thread drywall screw (W Type)

Coarse-thread drywall screws are mostly used for wood studs. The wide threads are good at gripping the timber and pulling the drywall against the studs. One downside of the coarse-thread screws: the metal burrs that can embed in your fingers. Be sure to wear gloves when working with coarse-thread drywall screws.

Fine thread drywall screw (S Type)

With sharp points, fine-thread drywall screws are best for installing drywall to metal studs. Coarse threads have a tendency to chew through the metal, never gaining proper traction. Fine threads work well with metal because they are self-threading.