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Common Nails

Ordinary wire nail for general uses.

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Common Nails

Common nails are ordinary wire nails made with iron. It is manufactured for everyday use, DIY, basic construction, furniture making, packaging and so on. Common nails are considered very basic wire nails.

Our company is a professional supplier of common nails made with Q195 steel in China. We have the capacity to manufacture ordinary iron nails at low costs and stable quality.

The most popular sizes are 1″ 1.5″ 2″ 2.5″ 3″ 4″ 5″. Other sizes are also available on request.


Length in inchesLength in mmGauge
1″25.40017 /16 /15 /14
1 ½”38.09915 /14 /13
2″50.80014 /13 /12 /11 /10
2 ½”63.49913 /12 /11 /10
3″76.20012 /11 /10 /9 /8
4″101.6009 /8 /7 /6 /5
5″127.0006 /5 /4
6″152.4006 /5
7″177.8005 /4


  • ⌀6.5mm Q195 steel wire supplied by Hebei Anfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. with carbon content 0.06%
  • ⌀6.5mm Q195L steel wire supplied by Tangshan Donghai Iron & Steel Group Co Ltd with carbon content 0.08%
  • ⌀6.5mm Q235 steel wire supplied by Qinhuangdao Baigong Steel Co., Ltd.with carbon content 0.15%


Common nails are usually polished rather than galvanized. This is different from roofing nails and concrete nails which are often galvanized because they are used in the exterior.

Sometimes ordinary nails are also galvanized for its exterior use.


Common Wire Nails with Diamond Point and Flat Head


Polished common nails are prone to rust so should be packed inside plastic. In practice, they are usually packed inside a plastic wrap or polybag before being packed into the carton box.

The plastic wrap helps to prevent the nails from getting rust. Sometimes small white boxes are used instead of plastic wrap. Because the white box can not only protect the nails from being rusted it can also protect the outer boxes being damaged.

One carton box of ordinary nails usually weighs from 1kgs to 25kgs depending on the requirement of the customer. We also offer custom branding for customers who want to sell the product with their own brand.

The packaging method is a big influence factor for the common nail prices.

Common Nails in Use

Common nails are used for general framing, packaging box, furniture and construction. It is also called ordinary nails or framing nails.

Unlike concrete nails, common nails are used for construction work that is not very rough. For example, it is used to nail softwood to softwood, plastic to wood, cabinet assembly, etc.

It is a fast-moving consumer product that you can always find at a hardware shop or DIY supermarket.